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Clockwork Goblin Miniatures offers a growing range of 15mm and 28mm Alternative World War Two miniatures. Find the full range available on the Shop page. Clockwork Goblin also offers a full range of digital sculpting, 3d printing and miniature production services. We have successfully worked on several kickstarter projects and can offer a comprehensive range of services in this area.

News - 11 September  2015

WE CANT MAKE COLOURS SALE - We're glad to see Colours running again this year but we were unable to secure a trade stand, so until Sunday 13 September there is a 15% SALE in the webstore so you can buy your goodies as if we were at the show.

It may seem quiet from your perspective as our customers, but the last month or two has been frantic. Final manuscript has been submitted for Konflikt '47, as have the results of a long photo day.  We can now concentrate on getting the range completed for next year's offical launch.  With the 28mm range now well in hand, we will use the time freed up to reinvigorate the 15mm range, more news 

Even better for our friends across the pond, we now have some stock positioned in the US. Contact Image Replicas (http://www.imagereplicas.com/) who are in the process of updating their website with available models. The more custom they get, the more they'll stock - simple.

More news to follow....

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KONFLIKT '47, a Company level 15mm scale alternative history wargame, where Mechas and tanks, infantry and machines, super science and the supernatural clash in a battle for the future!

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