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News - 28 December 2016

Well, not quite the end of the year, but close enough to take stock - and what a fantastic year its been.  Our game launched in early August, admirably handled by the great team at Warlord Games, and its been non-stop ever since.

konflikt-47-600x764_grandeDemand came close to breaking the Warlord production pipeline, but that can only be a good thing and thankfully everything is back on track and moving forward smoothly. The full range of starter sets are now all available and work continues to get the last models from the rulebook onto the streets by early next year. All Konflikt '47 products can be found at http://store.warlordgames.com/collections/konflikt-47

What's next.......the first supplement! With a deadline of end of January to complete the manuscript, its all go working on new units, new armies (Japanese and Finnish) and some other new bits to make the book a 'must have' for every player.  As soon as we get some artwork and sneak peaks we'll let you know.

Also, here is a link to the Errata and FAQfor Konflikt'47 - just because its a bit hard to find on the Warlord site.

The demand on our time and resources has meant that we have moved our printing service on to a new home - nothing has changed except the owner - you can still get high resolution 3d prints from Steamforged Games, and the clockwork3dprinting@gmail.com address is still active and monitored if you need to contact them.

Even better for our friends in the US, we now have some 15mm stock positioned in the US. Contact Image Replicas (http://www.imagereplicas.com/) who are in the process of updating their website with available models. The more custom they get, the more they'll stock - simple.

More news to follow....







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