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News - 15 April 2014

spider 01The dust has settled from SALUTE 2014 and we want to say thank you to everyone who stopped by for a chat and to take an interest in our miniatures. We've taken on board a load of useful suggestions and will process them as fast as we can. 

The arrival of our first 28mm scale walker had the impact we hoped, its now available for purchase in our store, as are the 28mm scale Soviet heavy infantry. As far as rules for these go, check out our downloads page for some draft rules compatible with Warlord Games' Bolt Action ruleset. 

The lull in 15mm releases will be corrected imminently, today was spent put the design work in on the Soviet Mammoth heavy walker and the reposes of the 15mm Soviet infantry. We'll get renders of the work in progress as soon as we think they're up to scratch.

On an artistic note, check out the Gallery for a look at the work Ruben Torregrosa has done on one of our 15mm German Mechpanzers - simply outstanding.

We have revisited the free Konflikt '47 Beta rules and removed a number of errors and typos that had somehow got into the text.  A quick update of a couple of the diagrams and a layout tweak to make it a little more pleasing on the eye and Hey Presto, v1.3 is now available to download.



KONFLIKT '47, a Company level 15mm scale alternative history wargame, where Mechas and tanks, infantry and machines, super science and the supernatural clash in a battle for the future!

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Happy hunting!

Team CG



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