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Clockwork Goblin Miniatures offers a growing range of 15mm and 28mm Alternative World War Two miniatures. Find the full range available on the Shop page. Clockwork Goblin also offers a full range of digital sculpting, 3d printing and miniature production services. We have successfully worked on several kickstarter projects and can offer a comprehensive range of services in this area.

News - 03 February 2015

We are happy to annouce that the 15mm and 28mm Mudskippers are now available in the webstore, so is the German 28mm Spinne Mechpanzer. Its been far too long a journey, but they got here. 28mm Ursus and Kodiak walkers are still inbound.

Even better for our friends across the pond, we now have some stock positioned in the US. Contact Image Replicas (http://www.imagereplicas.com/) who are in the process of updating their website with available models. The more custom they get, the more they'll stock - simple.

17 January 2015

Its been a steady first couple of weeks of the new year, our hardware installation is almost complete and coming online progressively.  Trade show confirmations are in for the first half of the year, check out the Shows page to find out where we'll be over the next few months.

The latest output from the factory has arrived, expect the shop to be enhanced with new products very shortly.

More news to follow....

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KONFLIKT '47, a Company level 15mm scale alternative history wargame, where Mechas and tanks, infantry and machines, super science and the supernatural clash in a battle for the future!

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