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News - 30 November 2014

Just back from a very pleasant day at Reveille in Bristol, our first time there and a very well put together show.  Many thanks to those who stopped for a chat.  We were happy we could show off the prototype Mudskipper jump walker in both 15mm and 28mm scale, we need to make a small adjustment to both, but they are progressing well. The Ursus and Kodiak variants of the 28mm Grizzly are also almost ready for the store.

Work continues behind the scenes on our Kickstarter fulfilment side of the business, this has had a noticeable effect on our own products.  To assist us going forward we are increasing our team with a focus on both trade shows and our 15mm game. A version 2 of the beta rules has been written and is being play tested. 

More news to follow....

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KONFLIKT '47, a Company level 15mm scale alternative history wargame, where Mechas and tanks, infantry and machines, super science and the supernatural clash in a battle for the future!

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