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These are exciting times for us at Clockwork Goblin right now. After a great trip to Colours to meet up with our various friends in the gaming industry, we have returned energised and ready for the final push to releasing in October.

To that end, we thought it was time to reward everyone's patience with a detailed look at where we are going in the coming months, information which we hope with excite you and also reassure you about buying into our vision for WWII!

After final consultation with our manufacturers, we are now locked in production for our Zombies, German and US heavy infantry platoon sets and US Light Walkers. All of these products will release in October. The projected shipping date for these is the 30th, and we will open the web store for orders in the coming fourteen days.

Beyond this, the German walkers are going into fabrication and will follow closely on the tail of the first wave. From there on in, we will be expanding and developing the US and German ranges between now and February. This expansion will include vehicles, heavy weapons and other goodness!

So what happens in February? Two big developments are due in the new year- firstly, the Soviet models will start to arrive. We have the initial designs on the drawing board right now, and believe us when we say, you ain't seen nothing yet! Even more exciting than this, the early spring will be the first opportunity for gamers to get their hands on the play test edition of our GAME...


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We are pleased and proud to confirm what many of you suspected; Clockwork Goblin Miniatures will be supporting their War Without End range of models with a dedicated 15mm rules system! Titled 'Konflikt '47', the game will present a dynamic rules system that both reflects the cinematic flair of Weird War and remains faithful to the historical setting that spawned it. The rules are fast, dynamic and strategically rewarding. The book will support four core factions: USA, Germany, Soviet Russia and Great Britain. That means, of course, that you'll also see British releases later in 2013!

Alongside all of this, we still intend to develop 28mm scale versions of many of our models for you to use in your favourite games. A big thanks to Neil and the Spartan Games crew, who have given us some invaluable tips on this side of things!

There is more to come, including some very cool projects involving some industry friends, but at this time, its all very hush- hush...However, watch this space and you will not be disappointed!

Stay tuned...

Russ at Team CG

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  1. Steve

    You have made me sooooo happy. I have been looking for some good W.WWII stuff, and this is what I was wanting. The Gear Krieg stuff is good, but I like your look even better!

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